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Indonesia – Hundreds Displaced by Flooding as Heavy Rain Continues

Following flooding in Central and North Sulawesi disaster authorities in Indonesia also reported flooding in the neighbouring province of Gorontalo, affecting around 150 people in Tibawa District on 06 March. A family of 5 was displaced after flooding damaged a home. Flood water reached over 1.2 metres in some areas.

Flooding has affected parts of Cirebon Regency in West Java Province on 06 March. Indonesia’s disaster agency BNPB said that over 3,500 people were affected and 293 displaced by flooding in 3 sub-districts of Plumbon, Depok and Susukan. Flood water reached 1.5 metres and over 500 homes were damaged. However, flooding subsided quickly and many of those displaced were soon able to return home.

Further east, flooding was reported in Wamesa District, Teluk Bintuni Regency, West Papua Province on 07 March, affecting around 50 families.

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