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Storm Ciara hammers UK with hurricane-force winds and floods

Hurricane-force winds and flooding have caused severe disruption across much of Britain, including damage to hundreds of properties and the cancellation of trains, flights and ferries.

Storm Ciara brought heavy rain and winds of more than 90mph, knocking out power to homes in some areas. The upheaval is likely to last into the start of the working week and there is more bad weather to come.

Communities in the north of England that have suffered the brunt of flooding in recent years were hit again, including Appleby in Cumbria, Bury in Greater Manchester and parts of West Yorkshire. Sirens were sounded early on in the market towns of Todmorden and Hebden Bridge in the Calder Valley, where high street shops were under water within hours.

By Sunday evening more than 220 flood warnings remained in place across England, largely in the north and south-west. No trains were running on the west coast mainline between Manchester and Scotland and severely reduced services were running on many other routes.

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